majid Imran

Assistant Store Manager

About Candidate

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·        Creative Strategy

·        Perform Multiple Tasks

·        Ability to Work Under Pressure

·        Innovative Thinking

·        Can handle Research Activities


·        Good Technical skills

·        Leadership Abilities

·        Social And Communicative

·        Project Management

·        Computer Skills

·        Worked as team lead in public procurement and member of procurement committee.

·        Supervision of record keeping and accountability towards annual audit.

·        Handled different tasks as assigned by Administrator / Medical Superintendent.

·        Efficiently and effectively completing the tasks with full effort working day and night.

·        Storekeeping and inventory management of Medicine, Surgical and Machinery Equipment and Miscellaneous Items.

·        Ensure timely delivery of medication to nursing units and patients.

·        Ensure the accuracy of the label before dispensing.

·        Maintains safe and clean working environment by complying with

Procedures, rules, and regulations.

·        Complete expiry checking of drug list on accurate and timely basis.

·        Critical counting of expensive and running items daily in every shifts

·        Monitoring of shelves and assuring proper storage of medicines on

Daily basis.


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